Research collaboration

Study of COPLA® Scaffold joint treatment of dog shoulder osteochondrosis at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at University of Helsinki

COPLA® Scaffold is used to treat different kinds of cartilage defects, for example, dog patients with osteochondrosis (OCD). To have more extensive information on effective surgical OCD treatment, we are collaborating with the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of University of Helsinki. In the ongoing study, OCD treatment with COPLA® Scaffold is compared with the conventional cleaning procedure. The aim is to get a method for OCD treatment that has a better prognosis than the conventional method used.

All dogs participating in the study will receive top quality surgical treatment and extensive post-surgery follow-up. The study patients will be treated either with the conventional OCD surgery or with the COPLA® Scaffold. Patients are allocated to treatment groups by randomization.

In the COPLA® Joint Treatment group, the implantation of the COPLA® Scaffold will be done during the conventional OCD surgery. Osteochondrotic dogs aged 5 to 8 months weighing 15 to 45 kilos can be included in the study. The dogs should be otherwise healthy.

The rehabilitation of the patient is followed up by regular visits, e.g. to better evaluate the possibility to add exercise levels and the general prognosis. In addition, this ensures early intervention in issues delaying the healing.

Study participants will get a major discount on the surgery: the price to the owner is only 970 €. Additional out-of-pocket costs for the owner are physiotherapy and home medication costs. Physical examination prior to surgery and a comprehensive 18-month follow-up program will be sponsored by the study.


There is still room for more OCD patients in the study. Is your dog suitable for the study? Please contact the veterinarians in charge:
Specialist in small animal medicine, DVM Pauli Keränen, phone: +358 2941 57290, email:
Specialist in small animal medicine, DVM Helka Heikkilä, phone: +358 50 464 9276, email: